Sandwich Day

(November 3rd, 2011)
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A book for education and delight.

Scanwiches is part coffee table book, part cookbook, all mouth-watering celebration of the world's most versatile meal.
Here's what you can expect to see inside:


Full-Frontal Food Porn

Love sandwiches? A lot? Too Much? You'll drool over these beautifully printed, full-scale sandwich cross-sections made to satisfy even the most severe food fetish.


International Flavor

More than 100 sandwiches from around the world. From local heroes to international favorites, every spread is almost like lunch on a different continent. Almost...


The Interesting Bits

Does a hamburger taste better if you know where it came from? Sometimes. Learn the evolution, history and trivia behind the world's most iconic sandwiches



Question: Could God make a sandwich so big even he couldn't finish it? Answer: The tips, tricks, and recommendations in this book would give him a good idea of how to start.